Bespoke Clinical Training  -Clinical training courses to meet the specific requirements of your clients and business.  A full list of courses can be requested with course objectives.

Clinical Competencies – Competency of clinical task signed off for  support workers.

Training Audits  – Reviewing support workers training for clients and assessing the raining needs of clinical  clients. In line with the clinical and mandatory requirements outlined by the skills for care meeting CQC requirements and the HSE.

Clinical Consultancy – Providing clinical advice to companies and clients.

Care and  Support Plans –  Assessing, reviewing and creating clinical care and support plans including clinical procedures.

Risk Assessments – Clinical and environmental assessments.

Quality Assurance – Review current service delivery and current procedures.

Medication – Reviewing, auditing safe delivery of medicines within organisations.

Clinical policies -Reviewing, updating, and creating clinical policies to support clinical care plans and clinical procedures.