We can support your company or clients with consultancy options to help with the following aspects of delivering safe, high quality care in the home:

  • Clinical governance solutions
  • Care plans & risk assessments
  • Clinical procedures 
  • Clinical competency sign off
  • Training needs analysis & training audits
  • Medication management
  • Quality Assurance

Clinical governance solutions to ensure clinical safety, delivery and cost effectiveness. This work can include the following:

  • Supporting clients with specialist individualised recruitment, monitoring compliance
  • Undertaking care note audits
  • Creating and transcribing medication administration charts
  • Carrying out Medication audits – including a review of overall safety of medication administration
  • Devising clinical protocols
  • Developing bespoke clinical procedures such as Tracheostomy Care, Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) and Medication
  • Monitoring and maintaining PPE for clients

Care plans & risk assessments

We are able to create clinical care plans with you, the client or for the client, to support your care team to deliver safe clinical support in the home of your client.

  • We will assess, review and create clinical care and support plans which include the clinical procedures required by your clients.
  • We can work with a completed questionnaire to create clinical care plans, or with written consent, we can act on behalf of the client and liaise with multi-disciplinary teams to gain the information required. 
  • We help develop care plans to focus on the essentials of care – nutrition, mobility, sleeping, positioning, oral care and personal hygiene.
  • Or alternatively, we can devise detailed clinical care plans which include Breathing and Respiratory, including Tracheostomy, Cough Assist, Nebulisers and suction. Diet and Fluids including PEG and NG.
  • Clinical and environmental risk assessments can be created from the care plans to ensure safe delivery of care.

Clinical policies 

We can review and advise on clinical policies required. 

Clinical Competency sign off 

We can review the competency requirements for specific clinical tasks and sign off the support workers’ competencies for each of these tasks.

Training needs analysis & training audits

  • We can assess the training needs of clinical clients, in line with the clinical and mandatory requirements outlined by Skills for Care, CQC and the HSE.
  • We can review the support workers training for clients against these requirements.

Medication Management

  • We can review your medication management procedures to ensure they meet CQC, RCN and HSE requirements.
  • By auditing medication management in your service, we can support you to achieve CQC regulation 17 ‘good governance’ and CQC fundamental standards of ‘safety’.

Quality Assurance

We can review current service delivery and current procedures to ensure you provide high quality support across your care services.